“Boundaries, for Website and User” uses a webpage as an interactive virtual space for creating soundscapes while inviting the user to think about the complexity of feelings, the choicemaking of boundaries, and the limitations of empathy. Many of the looped sounds are made using extended techniques on electroacoustic harp recorded and mastered with Pro Tools. Other sounds were also synthesized using Pro Tools.
(November 2022)

for Website and User

This website is an interactive, collaborative soundscape 
that acts simultaneously as an instrument and a virtual performance space 
where you can create and shape soundscapes by interacting with sonic collages.

Feelings are transient and amorphous.
We feel them in various degrees and simultaneities.
To feel is often unavoidable. To engage is often a choice.
Opening yourself to vulnerability is an invitation.
An offering of the choice to collaborate and commune.
Each Feel is an attempt to envelope and communicate passing feelings I've experienced on different days.
They are made up of sets of looping samples, recorded in an improvisatory fashion, featuring the harp.
These are my feelings, and I invite you to collaborate and commune with me by interacting with them.

You may:
choose which Feels and which samples to engage with, if at all
choose when each sample starts and ends
choose at which speed each sample plays*
choose at what volume each sample plays
choose the duration of the overall experience
choose to interact with each Feel in isolation, or experience them simultaneously
see that there are nearly an infinite amount of possible iterations that can be felt in varying capacities
spend hours playing with the possibilities
decide the experience is too uncomfortable and close the page

We are all composers, performers, and audiences in our own way. 
Community in collaboration.

*In Chrome: click the three dots on the right of the audio player
*In Safari: click the three dots on the right of the audio player
*In Firefox: right click the audio player

Feel #1

Feel #2

Feel #3

Feel #4

Feel #5

Feel #6

Feel #7

Feel #8