“Variaciones sobre color, para una o mas personas” or “Variations on Color, for one or more” plays with light and invites the performer(s) to interpret color into sound and/or movement with the guidance of a few suggestions and within certain parameters. The piece challenges the performing artists to reclaim their autonomy as interpreters and storytellers by requiring their participation in the process of composition.
(December 2022)

“ex somnio” or “from a dream” for solo harp interprets the feeling of losing a dream, chasing it, getting a taste, only to lose it again.
(November 2022)

“Boundaries, for Website and User” uses a webpage as an interactive virtual space for creating soundscapes while inviting the user to think about the complexity of feelings, the choicemaking of boundaries, and the limitations of empathy. Many of the looped sounds are made using extended techniques on electroacoustic harp recorded and mastered with Pro Tools. Other sounds were also synthesized using Pro Tools.
(November 2022)

Below are two electronic tracks written in ProTools. “It’s Much Like” plays with consonance, assonance, and nonsense. “Skin of My Teeth” is a sonic elaboration of a meaningless apology with a fun synth solo in the middle.

“It’s Much Like” (2020)

“Skin of My Teeth” (2021)