The three videos below are short clips from some of my improvisations.

The video below features a couple of my own variations to Handel’s Passacaille using a Boss RC-30 looper pedal.
The piece was originally written by Handel for keyboard and then arranged for harp by Tiny Béone.

The pictures below are of visual projections done for an immersive and interactive sound bath installation I collaborated on at a music festival.

I needed to replace pedal felts on my harp, which meant I needed blocks to clamp the felts in place as the glue set. At first I made them from scrap wood, but they were too brittle to be of any long-term use. It occurred to me that they could be 3D printed, and so the 3D printed pedal felt block was born.

Right now there is a global shortage of harp transportation carts. Harpists either have to get their carts second-hand, or wait months to a year for one on back-order. This is a 3D sketch of a concept for a new folding and telescoping harp cart.

Below are live recordings of me playing solos from the traditional harp repertoire.

Nocturne in Eb Major – Mikhail Glinka

Étude de concert in E flat minor, Op. 193 – Félix Godefroid

Tema con Variazioni – George Frideric Handel